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TorchServe model snapshot

TorchServe preserves server runtime configuration across sessions such that a TorchServe instance experiencing either a planned or unplanned service stop can restore its state upon restart.

Note: Current snapshot does not support workflow.

A TorchServe’s snapshot consists of following:

  • Server configuration, which comprises: Which models are running, which versions of those models, and how many workers are active for each model.

  • Default server configuration used while starting TorchServe the first time.

The snapshot is taken at following instances -

  • After successful startup, the server stores its current configuration in a timestamped snapshot file ./logs/config/-startup.cfg

  • If a user calls the Management API in a way that changes the server runtime config, snapshot is saved to ./logs/config/-snapshot.cfg

  • When the server is shut down intentionally with torchserve --stop, snapshot is saved to ./logs/configs/-shutdown.cfg

User can use snapshots to restore the TorchServe’s state as follows :

  • If no config file is supplied with --ts-config-file flag while starting TorchServe, last snapshot in ./logs/configs is used for startup.

  • If no config file is supplied with --ts-config-file flag and no snapshots are available, TorchServe starts with default configurations.

  • The user restarts the server specifying this config file: torchserve --start --model-store <model store> --ts-config <known good config snapshot>

If the user wishes to start without this resiliency feature, the user can start the server with :

torchserve --start --model-store <model store> --no-config-snapshots

This prevents to server from storing config snapshot files.

The snapshots are by default in {LOG_LOCATION}\config directory, where {LOG_LOCATION} is a system environment variable that can be used by TorchServe. If this variable is not set, the snapshot is stored in .\log\config directory

Note :

  1. Models passed in –models parameter while starting TorchServe are ignored if restoring from a snapshot.

  2. For windows, if shutdown snapshot file is not generated then you can use last snapshot file.


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