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Brian Granger

Brian Granger, Amazon Web Services

Brian Granger serves as a Senior Principal Technologist at Amazon Web Services and holds the position of associate professor of physics and data science at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo. Additionally, he leads the IPython project, is a co-founder of Project Jupyter, and contributes actively to several other open-source projects centered around data science in Python.

Niles Burbank

Niles Burbank, AMD

Niles Burbank is Director of Product Management at AMD, responsible for a family of data center GPU products. Based in Markham, Canada, he has been involved in the computer hardware industry since 1995 in a range of technical and management roles. Niles shares AMD’s passion for working together with the wider community to deliver the software and hardware tools that will advance AI. He holds an MASc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Steve Wan

Steve Wan, Microsoft Azure

Steve Wan leads AI at Scale business development at Microsoft, aiming to empower developers to efficiently train and deploy machine learning models at unmatched scale on Azure. A pivotal aspect of this strategy involves enabling and innovating on PyTorch.

Duncan Poole

Duncan Poole, NVIDIA

Duncan Poole serves as Senior Director of Platform Alliances for NVIDIA. He drives partnerships aimed at developing tools for accelerated computing, spanning operating systems, compilers, profilers, debuggers, and more. Duncan is also a member of the boards of OpenMP and OpenACC. His objective is to promote the adoption of accelerators among developers seeking high performance and portability for their code.

Luca Antiga

Luca Antiga, Lightning AI

Luca Antiga is the CTO at Lightning AI. He is an early contributor to PyTorch core and co-authored “Deep Learning with PyTorch” (published by Manning). He started his journey as a researcher in Bioengineering, and later co-founded Orobix, a company focused on building and deploying AI in production settings.

Wei Li

Wei Li, Intel

Dr. Wei Li, VP/GM of AI Software Engineering at Intel, leads a top-tier team enhancing AI performance like LLM and developer efficiency to enable an AI Everywhere future. He also drives engagements with industry and ecosystem leaders, including those from PyTorch, TensorFlow/JAX, DeepSpeed, Hugging Face to various Gen AI startups. With a Ph.D. on supercomputer from Cornell University, he's a renowned lecturer and speaker at universities such as Harvard and Stanford and events including the Fortune and AI Summits. A life-long champion of open-source, Wei serves on the boards of the PyTorch Foundation and Linux Foundation AI&Data.

Fred Li

Fred Li, Huawei

Fred Li, General Manager of Open Source Development at Huawei's Computing Product Line, brings over 20 years of technology and open-source experience since 2015. Serving as the platinum director of OpenStack Foundation and representing Huawei in PyTorch Foundation and LF AI & Data, he's a pivotal figure in open source. Fred initiated the openEuler community in 2019, nurturing multiple open-source communities with thousands of engineers and millions of users. With expertise in IT product development, project management, and open-source strategy, Fred is committed to global open-source advocacy.

Lysandre Debut

Lysandre Debut, Hugging Face

Lysandre is the Head of Open Source at Hugging Face. Lysandre has been at Hugging Face since the company’s pivot to open-source, and was the first engineer to focus entirely on the open-source mission. Now leading the open-source part of the organization, Lysandre remains technically involved by being a core maintainer of the Transformers library.

Raghu Ganti

Raghu Ganti, IBM

Raghu Ganti, a Distinguished Engineer at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, leads the development of tuning and training stack for LLMs on IBM’s Hybrid Cloud platform. He has extensive expertise in large scale distributed algorithms and his work on spatiotemporal data analysis has been included in 15+ IBM products.

Aparna Ramani

Aparna Ramani, Meta

Aparna Ramani, VP of Engineering and Data Infrastructure at Meta Platforms, Inc., previously served as Senior Director of Engineering at Cloudera, Inc., overseeing product development for a leading big data platform. With management experience at Yahoo! and Microsoft, and software engineering roles at Fujitsu Network Communications and Koninklijke Philips, she brings a diverse background. A holder of an MS in Computer Science from Arizona State University, Ramani is instrumental in shaping technology landscapes.

Dwarak Rajagopal

Dwarak Rajagopal, Google

Dwarak Rajagopal, a seasoned technology leader, boasts over 20 years of experience with pivotal roles at Google, Meta/Facebook, Uber, Apple, and AMD. Currently a Sr. Engineering Director at Google, he leads AI Frameworks and OnDevice ML teams, driving innovations in AI and LLMs on server/mobile for efficiency. At Meta/Facebook, he led the PyTorch Core Frameworks team, advancing AI research to production. His contributions span self-driving software at Uber, graphics technology at Apple, and compiler development at AMD. Dwarak's dedication to democratizing AI, open-source software, and ethical practices defines his commitment to shaping the future of technology.


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