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TorchServe default inference handlers

TorchServe provides following inference handlers out of box. It’s expected that the models consumed by each support batched inference.


  • Description : Handles image classification models trained on the ImageNet dataset.

  • Input : RGB image

  • Output : Batch of top 5 predictions and their respective probability of the image

For more details see examples


  • Description : Handles image segmentation models trained on the ImageNet dataset.

  • Input : RGB image

  • Output : Output shape as [N, CL H W], N - batch size, CL - number of classes, H - height and W - width.

For more details see examples


  • Description : Handles object detection models.

  • Input : RGB image

  • Output : Batch of lists of detected classes and bounding boxes respectively

Note : We recommend running torchvision>0.6 otherwise the object_detector default handler will only run on the default GPU device

For more details see examples


  • Description : Handles models trained on the AG_NEWS dataset.

  • Input : text file

  • Output : Class of input text. (No batching supported)

For more details see examples

For a more comprehensive list of available handlers make sure to check out the examples page

Common features


image_classifier, text_classifier and object_detector can all automatically map from numeric classes (0,1,2…) to friendly strings. To do this, simply include in your model archive a file, index_to_name.json, that contains a mapping of class number (as a string) to friendly name (also as a string). You can see some examples here:


We welcome new contributed handlers, if your usecase isn’t covered by one of the existing default handlers please follow the below steps to contribute it

  1. Write a new class derived from BaseHandler. Add it as a separate file in ts/torch_handler/

  2. Update model-archiver/model_packaging.py to add in your classes name

  3. Run and update the unit tests in unit_tests. As always, make sure to run torchserve_sanity.py before submitting.


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