Management API

TorchServe provides the following APIs that allows you to manage workflows at runtime:

  1. Register a workflow

  2. Describe a workflow’s status

  3. Unregister a workflow

  4. List registered workflows

The Workflow Management API listens on port 8081 and is only accessible from localhost by default. To change the default setting, see TorchServe Configuration.

Register a workflow

POST /workflows

  • url - Workflow archive download url. Supports the following locations:

    • a local workflow archive (.war); the file must be in the workflow_store folder (and not in a subfolder).

    • a URI using the HTTP(s) protocol. TorchServe can download .war files from the Internet.

  • workflow_name - the name of the workflow; this name will be used as {workflow_name} in other APIs as part of the path. If this parameter is not present, modelName in MANIFEST.json will be used.

curl -X POST  "http://localhost:8081/workflows?url=https://<public_url>/myworkflow.mar"

  "status": "Workflow myworkflow has been registered and scaled successfully."

The workflow registration API parses the workflow specification file (.yaml) supplied in the workflow archive(.war) and registers all the models specified in the DAG with TorchServe using the provided configuration in the specification.

Describe workflow

GET /workflows/{workflow_name}

Use the Describe Workflow API to get detail of a workflow:

curl http://localhost:8081/workflows/myworkflow
    "workflowName": "myworkflow",
    "workflowUrl": "myworkflow.war",
    "minWorkers": 1,
    "maxWorkers": 1,
    "batchSize": 8,
    "maxBatchDelay": 5000,
    "workflowDag": "{preprocessing=[m1], m1=[postprocessing]}"

Unregister a workflow

DELETE /workflows/{workflow_name}

Use the Unregister Workflow API to free up system resources by unregistering a workflow from TorchServe:

curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8081/workflows/myworkflow

  "status": "Workflow \"myworkflow\" unregistered"

List workflows

GET /models

  • limit - (optional) the maximum number of items to return. It is passed as a query parameter. The default value is 100.

  • next_page_token - (optional) queries for next page. It is passed as a query parameter. This value is return by a previous API call.

Use the list Workflows API to query currently registered workflows:

curl "http://localhost:8081/workflows"

This API supports pagination:

curl "http://localhost:8081/workflows?limit=2&next_page_token=2"

  "nextPageToken": "4",
  "workflows": [
      "workflowName": "myworkflow1",
      "workflowUrl": "myworkflow1.war"
      "workflowName": "myworkflow2",
      "workflowUrl": "myworkflow2.war"


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