May 05, 2020

Updates & Improvements to PyTorch Tutorials provides researchers and developers with documentation, installation instructions, latest news, community projects, tutorials, and more. Today, we are introducing usability and content improvements including tutorials in additional categories, a new recipe format for quickly referencing common topics, sorting using tags, and an updated homepage.

April 21, 2020

PyTorch library updates including new model serving library

Along with the PyTorch 1.5 release, we are announcing new libraries for high-performance PyTorch model serving and tight integration with TorchElastic and Kubernetes. Additionally, we are releasing updated packages for torch_xla (Google Cloud TPUs), torchaudio, torchvision, and torchtext. All of these new libraries and enhanced capabilities are available today and accompany all of the core features released ...

April 21, 2020

PyTorch 1.5 released, new and updated APIs including C++ frontend API parity with Python

Today, we’re announcing the availability of PyTorch 1.5, along with new and updated libraries. This release includes several major new API additions and improvements. PyTorch now includes a significant update to the C++ frontend, ‘channels last’ memory format for computer vision models, and a stable release of the distributed RPC framework used for model-parallel training. The release also has new APIs for autograd for hessians and jacobians, and an API that allows the creation of Custom C++ ...