May 12, 2023

Language Identification: Building an End-to-End AI Solution using PyTorch

Language Identification is the process of identifying the primary language from multiple audio input samples. In natural language processing (NLP), language identification is an important problem and a challenging issue. There are many language-related tasks such as entering text on your phone, finding news articles you enjoy, or discovering answers to questions that you may have. All these tasks are powered by NLP models. To decide which model to invoke at a particular point in time, we must...

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May 02, 2023

Accelerated Image Segmentation using PyTorch

Using Intel® Extension for PyTorch to Boost Image Processing Performance

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April 27, 2023

Introducing Hidet: A Deep Learning Compiler for Efficient Model Serving

Hidet is a powerful deep learning compiler that simplifies the process of implementing high-performing deep learning operators on modern accelerators (e.g., NVIDIA GPUs). With the new feature of torch.compile(...) in PyTorch 2.0, integrating a novel compiler into PyTorch is easier than ever - Hidet now can be used as a torch.compile(...)...

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April 19, 2023

Accelerating Large Language Models with Accelerated Transformers

TL;DR. We show how to use Accelerated PyTorch 2.0 Transformers and the newly introduced torch.compile() method to accelerate Large Language Models on the example of nanoGPT, a compact open-source implementation of the GPT model from Andrej Karpathy. Using the new sc...

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April 15, 2023

Experience the power of PyTorch 2.0 on AMD Solutions

PyTorch 2.0 represents a significant step forward for the PyTorch machine learning framework. The stable release of PyTorch 2.0 brings new features that unlock even higher performance, while remaining backward compatible with prior releases and retaining the Pythonic focus which has helped to make PyTorch so enthusiastically adopted by the AI/ML community. AMD has long been a strong proponent of PyTorch, and we are delighted that the PyTorch 2.0 stable release includes support for AMD Instin...

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