Source code for ts.model_server

File to define the entry point to Model Server

import os
import platform
import re
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile
from builtins import str

import psutil

from ts.arg_parser import ArgParser
from ts.version import __version__

TS_NAMESPACE = "org.pytorch.serve.ModelServer"

[docs]def start(): """ This is the entry point for model server :return: """ args = ArgParser.ts_parser().parse_args() pid_file = os.path.join(tempfile.gettempdir(), "") pid = None if os.path.isfile(pid_file): with open(pid_file, "r") as f: pid = int(f.readline()) try: process_from_pid_file = psutil.Process(pid) pid = pid if TS_NAMESPACE in process_from_pid_file.cmdline() else None except psutil.Error: pid = None print("Removing orphan pid file.") os.remove(pid_file) # pylint: disable=too-many-nested-blocks if args.version: print("TorchServe Version is {}".format(__version__)) return if args.stop: if pid is None: print("TorchServe is not currently running.") else: try: parent = psutil.Process(pid) parent.terminate() print("TorchServe has stopped.") except (OSError, psutil.Error): print("TorchServe already stopped.") os.remove(pid_file) else: if pid is not None: try: psutil.Process(pid) print( "TorchServe is already running, please use torchserve --stop to stop TorchServe." ) sys.exit(1) except psutil.Error: print("Removing orphan pid file.") os.remove(pid_file) java_home = os.environ.get("JAVA_HOME") java = "java" if not java_home else "{}/bin/java".format(java_home) ts_home = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))) cmd = [java, "-Dmodel_server_home={}".format(ts_home)] if args.log_config: log_config = os.path.realpath(args.log_config) if not os.path.isfile(log_config): print("--log-config file not found: {}".format(log_config)) sys.exit(1) cmd.append("-Dlog4j.configurationFile=file://{}".format(log_config)) tmp_dir = os.environ.get("TEMP") if tmp_dir: if not os.path.isdir(tmp_dir): print( "Invalid temp directory: {}, please check TEMP environment variable.".format( tmp_dir ) ) sys.exit(1) cmd.append("{}".format(tmp_dir)) ts_config = os.environ.get("TS_CONFIG_FILE") if ts_config is None: ts_config = args.ts_config ts_conf_file = None if ts_config: if not os.path.isfile(ts_config): print("--ts-config file not found: {}".format(ts_config)) sys.exit(1) ts_conf_file = ts_config platform_path_separator = {"Windows": "", "Darwin": ".:", "Linux": ".:"} class_path = "{}{}".format( platform_path_separator[platform.system()], os.path.join(ts_home, "ts", "frontend", "*"), ) if ts_conf_file and os.path.isfile(ts_conf_file): props = load_properties(ts_conf_file) vm_args = props.get("vmargs") if vm_args: print( "Warning: TorchServe is using non-default JVM parameters: {}".format( vm_args ) ) arg_list = vm_args.split() if args.log_config: for word in arg_list[:]: if word.startswith("-Dlog4j.configurationFile="): arg_list.remove(word) cmd.extend(arg_list) plugins = props.get("plugins_path", None) if plugins: class_path += ( ":" + plugins + "/*" if "*" not in plugins else ":" + plugins ) if not args.model_store and props.get("model_store"): args.model_store = props.get("model_store") if args.plugins_path: class_path += ( ":" + args.plugins_path + "/*" if "*" not in args.plugins_path else ":" + args.plugins_path ) cmd.append("-cp") cmd.append(class_path) cmd.append("org.pytorch.serve.ModelServer") # model-server.jar command line parameters cmd.append("--python") cmd.append(sys.executable) if ts_conf_file is not None: cmd.append("-f") cmd.append(ts_conf_file) if args.model_store: if not os.path.isdir(args.model_store): print("--model-store directory not found: {}".format(args.model_store)) sys.exit(1) cmd.append("-s") cmd.append(args.model_store) else: print("Missing mandatory parameter --model-store") sys.exit(1) if args.workflow_store: if not os.path.isdir(args.workflow_store): print( "--workflow-store directory not found: {}".format( args.workflow_store ) ) sys.exit(1) cmd.append("-w") cmd.append(args.workflow_store) else: cmd.append("-w") cmd.append(args.model_store) if args.no_config_snapshots: cmd.append("-ncs") if args.models: cmd.append("-m") cmd.extend(args.models) if not args.model_store: pattern = re.compile(r"(.+=)?http(s)?://.+", re.IGNORECASE) for model_url in args.models: if not pattern.match(model_url) and model_url != "ALL": print("--model-store is required to load model locally.") sys.exit(1) try: process = subprocess.Popen(cmd) pid = with open(pid_file, "w") as pf: pf.write(str(pid)) if args.foreground: process.wait() except OSError as e: if e.errno == 2: print("java not found, please make sure JAVA_HOME is set properly.") else: print("start java frontend failed:", sys.exc_info())
[docs]def load_properties(file_path): """ Read properties file into map. """ props = {} with open(file_path, "rt") as f: for line in f: line = line.strip() if not line.startswith("#"): pair = line.split("=", 1) if len(pair) > 1: key = pair[0].strip() props[key] = pair[1].strip() return props
if __name__ == "__main__": start()


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