Source code for ts.metrics.process_memory_metric

Collect process memory usage metrics  here
Pass a json, collection of pids and gpuID

import logging

import psutil

[docs]def get_cpu_usage(pid): """ use psutil for cpu memory :param pid: str :return: int """ try: process = psutil.Process(int(pid)) except psutil.Error: logging.error("Failed get process for pid: %s", pid, exc_info=True) return 0 mem_utilization = process.memory_info()[0] return mem_utilization
[docs]def check_process_mem_usage(stdin): """ Return ------ mem_utilization: float """ process_list = stdin.readline().strip().split(",") for process in process_list: if not process: continue"%s:%d", process, get_cpu_usage(process))


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