Source code for ts.torch_handler.unit_tests.test_utils.mock_context

Mocks for adding model context without loading all of Torchserve

import uuid

import torch

from ts.metrics.metrics_store import MetricsStore

[docs]class MockContext: """ Mock class to replicate the context passed into model initialize """ def __init__( self, model_pt_file="", model_dir="ts/torch_handler/unit_tests/models/tmp", model_file="", gpu_id="0", model_name="mnist", ): self.manifest = {"model": {}} if model_pt_file: self.manifest["model"]["serializedFile"] = model_pt_file if model_file: self.manifest["model"]["modelFile"] = model_file self.system_properties = {"model_dir": model_dir} if torch.cuda.is_available() and gpu_id: self.system_properties["gpu_id"] = gpu_id self.explain = False self.metrics = MetricsStore(uuid.uuid4(), model_name)
[docs] def get_request_header(self, idx, exp): if idx and exp: if self.explain: return True return False


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