Source code for ts.torch_handler.request_envelope.base

Base class for all RequestEnvelope.

A request envelope reformats the inputs/outputs of a call to a handler.
It translates from formats specific to a model orchestrator like Seldon or
KServe to a set of flat Python items, and vice versa.

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod

[docs]class BaseEnvelope(ABC): """ Interface for all envelopes. Derive from this class, replacing the abstract methods """ def __init__(self, handle_fn): self._handle_fn = handle_fn self.context = None
[docs] def handle(self, data, context): """ The Input Requests and Response are handled here. """ self.context = context if data: data = self.parse_input(data) results = self._handle_fn(data, context) if results: results = self.format_output(results) return results
[docs] @abstractmethod def parse_input(self, data): pass
[docs] @abstractmethod def format_output(self, data): pass


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