Security Policy

Supported Versions

Version Supported
0.9.0 :white_check_mark:

How we do security

TorchServe as much as possible relies on automated tools to do security scanning, in particular we support

  1. Dependency Analysis: Using Dependabot

  2. Docker Scanning: Using Snyk

  3. Code Analysis: Using CodeQL

Important Security Guidelines

  1. TorchServe listens on the following ports

    1. HTTP - 8080, 8081, 8082

    2. gRPC - 7070, 7071

    These ports are accessible to localhost by default. The address can be configured by following the guide TorchServe does not prevent users from configuring the address to be Please be aware of the security risks if you use

  2. TorchServe’s Docker image is configured to expose the ports 8080, 8081, 8082, 7070, 7071 to the host by default. When these ports are mapped to the host, make sure to use localhost or a specific ip address.

  3. Be sure to validate the authenticity of the .mar file being used with TorchServe.

    1. A .mar file being downloaded from the internet from an untrustworthy source may have malicious code, compromising the integrity of your application

    2. TorchServe executes arbitrary python code packaged in the mar file. Make sure that you’ve either audited that the code you’re using is safe and/or is from a source that you trust

  4. By default TorchServe allows you to register models from all URLs. Make sure to set allowed_urls parameter in to restrict this. You can find more details in the configuration guide

    • use_env_allowed_urls=true is required in to read allowed_urls from environment variable

  5. Enable SSL:

    TorchServe supports two ways to configure SSL:

    1. Using a keystore

    2. Using private-key/certificate files

    You can find more details in the configuration guide

Reporting a Vulnerability

If you find a serious vulnerability please report it to and


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