Source code for torch_xla.torch_xla

import contextlib
from typing import Callable, List, Tuple

import torch
import torch.distributed as dist
import torch_xla
import torch_xla.core.xla_model as xm
import torch_xla.core.xla_env_vars as xenv
import torch_xla.distributed.xla_multiprocessing as xmp
import torch_xla.runtime as xr
import torch_xla.utils.utils as xu

[docs]def device(index: int = None) -> torch.device: """Returns a given instance of an XLA device. If SPMD enables, returns a virtual device that wraps all devices available to this process. Args: index: index of the XLA device to be returned. Corresponds to index in `torch_xla.devices()`. Returns: An XLA `torch.device`. """ return xm.xla_device(index)
[docs]def devices() -> List[torch.device]: """Returns all devices available in the current process. Returns: A list of XLA `torch.devices`. """ return [torch.device(d) for d in xm.get_xla_supported_devices()]
def real_devices() -> List[str]: """Returns local XLA device types and indices. Returns: A list strings representing the XLA devices available in the current process, e.g. `['TPU:0', 'TPU:1', ...]`. """ return torch_xla._XLAC._xla_real_devices()
[docs]def device_count() -> int: """Returns number of addressable devices in the current process.""" return len(real_devices())
[docs]def sync(): """Launches all pending graph operations.""" xm.mark_step()
[docs]@contextlib.contextmanager def step(): """Wraps code that should be dispatched to the runtime. Experimental: `xla.step` is still a work in progress. Some code that currently works with `xla.step` but does not follow best practices will become errors in future releases. See for context. """ # Clear pending operations xm.mark_step() try: yield finally: xm.mark_step()
[docs]def manual_seed(seed, device=None): """Set the seed for generating random numbers for the current XLA device. Args: seed (integer): The state to be set. device (torch.device, optional): The device where the RNG state needs to be set. If missing the default device seed will be set. """ xm.set_rng_state(seed, device)
# TODO(wcromar): Update args to type ParamSpec. def launch( fn: Callable, args: Tuple = (), start_method: str = 'spawn', debug_single_process: bool = False, ): """ Entry to launch multiprocess. Raises: NotImplementedError: SPMD is not supported yet. """ if xr.is_spmd(): # TODO(piz): SPMD is specified differently from mp. Skip for now. raise NotImplementedError( 'launch function does not support SPMD at this time') nprocs = 1 if debug_single_process else None if dist.is_torchelastic_launched(): fn(xu.getenv_as(xenv.LOCAL_RANK, int), *args) else: xmp.spawn(fn, args=args, nprocs=nprocs, start_method=start_method)


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