Source code for torch_xla.runtime

import functools
import logging
import os
import warnings
from typing import Dict, List, Optional, TypeVar

import torch
import torch.cuda
import torch_xla
import torch_xla.core.xla_env_vars as xenv
import torch_xla.core.xla_model as xm
import torch_xla.utils.utils as xu
import torch_xla._internal.tpu as tpu
from torch_xla.experimental import plugins

R = TypeVar('R')
FN = TypeVar('FN')

def set_device_type(pjrt_device: str) -> None:
  """Sets the current PjRt device type.

  Must be run before using any XLA devices.

    pjrt_device: 'TPU' or 'CPU'
  if torch_xla._XLAC._xla_runtime_is_initialized() and os.environ.get(
      xenv.PJRT_DEVICE) != pjrt_device:
    raise RuntimeError(
        "Can't change device type after XLA runtime is initialized")

  os.environ[xenv.PJRT_DEVICE] = pjrt_device

def _maybe_select_default_device():
  if xu.getenv_as(xenv.PJRT_SELECT_DEFAULT_DEVICE, str,
                  '1') == '0' or xenv.PJRT_DEVICE in os.environ:

  # TODO: Update this link in the release branch
  logging.warning('PJRT is now the default runtime. For more information, see '
  # Check for libtpu _and_ the TPU device
  if torch_xla._found_libtpu and tpu.num_available_chips() > 0:
    logging.warning(' and TPU device found. Setting PJRT_DEVICE=TPU.')
    os.environ[xenv.PJRT_DEVICE] = 'TPU'
  elif xu.getenv_as(xenv.GPU_NUM_DEVICES, int, 0) > 0:
    logging.warning('GPU_NUM_DEVICES is set. Setting PJRT_DEVICE=CUDA')
    os.environ[xenv.PJRT_DEVICE] = 'CUDA'
  elif torch.cuda.is_available() and torch.cuda.device_count() > 0:
    num_devices_str = str(torch.cuda.device_count())
        'Found CUDA without GPU_NUM_DEVICES. Defaulting to PJRT_DEVICE=CUDA with GPU_NUM_DEVICES='
        + num_devices_str)
    os.environ[xenv.PJRT_DEVICE] = 'CUDA'
    os.environ[xenv.GPU_NUM_DEVICES] = num_devices_str
    logging.warning('Defaulting to PJRT_DEVICE=CPU')
    os.environ[xenv.PJRT_DEVICE] = 'CPU'

[docs]def device_type() -> Optional[str]: """Returns the current PjRt device type. Selects a default device if none has been configured """ _maybe_select_default_device() pjrt_device = xu.getenv_as(xenv.PJRT_DEVICE, str) return pjrt_device.split('_')[0] if pjrt_device else pjrt_device
def using_pjrt() -> bool: """Returns whether this process is using PjRt runtime. Selects a default device if none has been configured. """ _maybe_select_default_device() return device_type() is not None def requires_pjrt(fn: FN) -> FN: """Wraps `fn` and checks if this process is using PjRt. Raises: NotImplementedError: Not using PjRt runtime """ @functools.wraps(fn) def wrapper(*args, **kwargs): if not using_pjrt(): raise NotImplementedError('`{}` not implemented for XRT'.format( fn.__name__)) return fn(*args, **kwargs) return wrapper def is_bf16_supported(): """Returns whether torch.bfloat16 is supported on this environment. """ try: torch.tensor([1.], dtype=torch.bfloat16, device=xm.xla_device()) return True except Exception as e: return False @requires_pjrt def xla_device(n: Optional[int] = None, devkind: Optional[str] = None) -> torch.device: """Returns an XLA device. Args: n: Index of XLA device within visibible devices. If not set, use local ordinal (default 0) to select an addressable device. devkind: Type of device to return. Should match `device_type()`. Returns: A `torch.device` representing an XLA device. """ if n is None: return torch.device(torch_xla._XLAC._xla_get_default_device()) devices = xm.get_xla_supported_devices(devkind=devkind) if n > len(devices): raise IndexError('Device index {} out of range in {}'.format(n, devices)) device = devices[n] torch_xla._XLAC._xla_set_default_device(device) return torch.device(device)
[docs]@requires_pjrt def local_process_count() -> int: """Returns the number of processes running on this host.""" return xu.getenv_as(xenv.PJRT_LOCAL_PROCESS_COUNT, int, defval=1)
[docs]@requires_pjrt def global_device_count() -> int: """Returns the total number of devices across all processes/hosts.""" return len(torch_xla._XLAC._xla_get_all_devices())
[docs]@requires_pjrt def world_size() -> int: """Returns the total number of processes participating in the job.""" if torch_xla._XLAC._xla_get_replication_devices_count() == 0: return 1 return global_device_count()
[docs]@requires_pjrt def local_device_count() -> int: """Returns the total number of devices on this host. Assumes each process has the same number of addressable devices. """ return local_process_count() * addressable_device_count()
[docs]@requires_pjrt def addressable_device_count() -> int: """Returns the number of devices visible to this process.""" return torch_xla._XLAC._xla_num_devices()
[docs]@requires_pjrt def global_ordinal() -> int: """Returns global ordinal of this thread within all processes. Global ordinal is in range [0, global_device_count). Global ordinals are not guaranteed to have any predictable relationship to the TPU worker ID nor are they guaranteed to be contiguous on each host.""" return torch_xla._XLAC._xla_get_default_device_ordinal()
[docs]@requires_pjrt def local_ordinal() -> int: """Returns local ordinal of this thread within this host. Local ordinal is in range [0, local_device_count).""" local_rank = xu.getenv_as(xenv.PJRT_LOCAL_PROCESS_RANK, int, 0) devices_per_process = addressable_device_count() return local_rank * devices_per_process + xla_device().index
@requires_pjrt def process_index() -> int: return torch_xla._XLAC._xla_get_process_index() @requires_pjrt def process_count() -> int: return torch_xla._XLAC._xla_get_num_processes() @requires_pjrt def host_index() -> int: if plugins.using_dynamic_plugins(): return plugins.default().host_index() elif device_type() == 'TPU': return tpu.worker_id() # TODO: Update this when we support multi-host GPU return 0 # API below will be used to query physcial device attribute. @requires_pjrt def runtime_device_attributes(device: str) -> Dict[str, object]: return torch_xla._XLAC._xla_get_device_attributes(device) @requires_pjrt def global_runtime_device_attributes() -> List[Dict[str, object]]: return torch_xla._XLAC._xla_get_all_device_attributes()
[docs]@requires_pjrt @functools.lru_cache() def global_runtime_device_count() -> int: """Returns the total number of runtime devices across all processes/hosts, especially useful for SPMD.""" return len(torch_xla._XLAC._xla_get_all_runtime_devices())
@requires_pjrt def addressable_runtime_device_count() -> int: """Returns the number of devices visible to this process.""" return torch_xla._XLAC._xla_num_runtime_devices() # API to enable SPMD mode. This is a recommended way to enable SPMD. # This forces SPMD mode if some tensors are already initialized on non-SPMD # devices. This means that those tensors would be replicated across the devices. # TODO(yeounoh) introduce SPMD configuration.
[docs]@requires_pjrt def use_spmd(auto: Optional[bool] = False): if os.environ.get("XLA_USE_SPMD") is not None: warnings.warn("XLA_USE_SPMD is being deprecated. " "Use torch_xla.runtime.use_spmd() " "without setting XLA_USE_SPMD env-var.") if torch_xla._XLAC._xla_get_spmd_config_is_locked( ) and not xu.check_env_flag("XLA_USE_SPMD"): warnings.warn( "Replicating tensors already initialized on non-virtual XLA device for SPMD " "to force SPMD mode. This is one-time overhead to setup, and to minimize such, " "please set SPMD mode before initializting tensors " "(i.e., call use_spmd() in the beginning of the program).") torch_xla._XLAC._xla_force_spmd_device() xm.wait_device_ops() # TODO(yeounoh) we can drop envvar in the future os.environ["XLA_USE_SPMD"] = "1" if auto: torch_xla._XLAC._xla_set_auto_sharding() os.environ["XLA_AUTO_SPMD"] = "1"
[docs]@requires_pjrt def is_spmd(): """Returns if SPMD is set for execution.""" # TODO(yeounoh) replace this when we fully deprecate the flag. return xu.check_env_flag('XLA_USE_SPMD')
[docs]@requires_pjrt def get_master_ip() -> str: """Retrieve the master worker IP for the runtime. This calls into backend-specific discovery APIs. Returns master worker's IP address as a string.""" if device_type() == 'TPU': return tpu.discover_master_worker_ip() raise RuntimeError(f'IP discovery not supported for device: {device_type()}')
[docs]@requires_pjrt def initialize_cache(path: str, readonly: bool = False): """Initializes the persistent compilation cache. This API must be called before any computations have been performed. Args: path: The path at which to store the persistent cache. readonly: Whether or not this worker should have write access to the cache. """ assert not torch_xla._XLAC._xla_computation_cache_is_initialized( ), "Computation cache has already been initialized" # TODO(jonbolin): Consider moving away from environment variables to control # the cache. os.environ['XLA_PERSISTENT_CACHE_PATH'] = path os.environ['XLA_PERSISTENT_CACHE_READ_ONLY'] = '1' if readonly else '0'


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