Simple Logging Profiler

This is a simple profiler that’s used as part of the trainer app example. This logs the Lightning training stage durations a logger such as Tensorboard. This output is used for HPO optimization with Ax.

import time
from typing import Dict

from pytorch_lightning.loggers.base import LightningLoggerBase
from pytorch_lightning.profiler.base import BaseProfiler

class SimpleLoggingProfiler(BaseProfiler):
    This profiler records the duration of actions (in seconds) and reports the
    mean duration of each action to the specified logger. Reported metrics are
    in the format `duration_<event>`.

    def __init__(self, logger: LightningLoggerBase) -> None:

        self.current_actions: Dict[str, float] = {}
        self.logger = logger

    def start(self, action_name: str) -> None:
        if action_name in self.current_actions:
            raise ValueError(
                f"Attempted to start {action_name} which has already started."
        self.current_actions[action_name] = time.monotonic()

    def stop(self, action_name: str) -> None:
        end_time = time.monotonic()
        if action_name not in self.current_actions:
            raise ValueError(
                f"Attempting to stop recording an action ({action_name}) which was never started."
        start_time = self.current_actions.pop(action_name)
        duration = end_time - start_time
        self.logger.log_metrics({"duration_" + action_name: duration})

    def summary(self) -> str:
        return ""

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