torchaudio.prototype.models.emformer_hubert_model(extractor_input_dim: int, extractor_output_dim: int, extractor_use_bias: bool, extractor_stride: int, encoder_input_dim: int, encoder_output_dim: int, encoder_num_heads: int, encoder_ffn_dim: int, encoder_num_layers: int, encoder_segment_length: int, encoder_left_context_length: int, encoder_right_context_length: int, encoder_dropout: float, encoder_activation: str, encoder_max_memory_size: int, encoder_weight_init_scale_strategy: Optional[str], encoder_tanh_on_mem: bool, aux_num_out: Optional[int]) Wav2Vec2Model[source]

Build a custom Emformer HuBERT model.

  • extractor_input_dim (int) – The input dimension for feature extractor.

  • extractor_output_dim (int) – The output dimension after feature extractor.

  • extractor_use_bias (bool) – If True, enable bias parameter in the linear layer of feature extractor.

  • extractor_stride (int) – Number of frames to merge for the output frame in feature extractor.

  • encoder_input_dim (int) – The input dimension for Emformer layer.

  • encoder_output_dim (int) – The output dimension after EmformerEncoder.

  • encoder_num_heads (int) – Number of attention heads in each Emformer layer.

  • encoder_ffn_dim (int) – Hidden layer dimension of feedforward network in Emformer.

  • encoder_num_layers (int) – Number of Emformer layers to instantiate.

  • encoder_segment_length (int) – Length of each input segment.

  • encoder_left_context_length (int) – Length of left context.

  • encoder_right_context_length (int) – Length of right context.

  • encoder_dropout (float) – Dropout probability.

  • encoder_activation (str) – Activation function to use in each Emformer layer’s feedforward network. Must be one of (“relu”, “gelu”, “silu”).

  • encoder_max_memory_size (int) – Maximum number of memory elements to use.

  • encoder_weight_init_scale_strategy (str or None) – Per-layer weight initialization scaling strategy. Must be one of (“depthwise”, “constant”, None).

  • encoder_tanh_on_mem (bool) – If True, applies tanh to memory elements.

  • aux_num_out (int or None) – When provided, attach an extra linear layer on top of encoder, which can be used for fine-tuning.


The resulting torchaudio.models.Wav2Vec2Model model with a torchaudio.models.Emformer encoder.

Return type:



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