static Function.forward(ctx, *args, **kwargs)

Define the forward of the custom autograd Function.

This function is to be overridden by all subclasses. There are two ways to define forward:

Usage 1 (Combined forward and ctx):

def forward(ctx: Any, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> Any:

Usage 2 (Separate forward and ctx):

def forward(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> Any:

def setup_context(ctx: Any, inputs: Tuple[Any, ...], output: Any) -> None:
  • The forward no longer accepts a ctx argument.

  • Instead, you must also override the torch.autograd.Function.setup_context() staticmethod to handle setting up the ctx object. output is the output of the forward, inputs are a Tuple of inputs to the forward.

  • See Extending torch.autograd for more details

The context can be used to store arbitrary data that can be then retrieved during the backward pass. Tensors should not be stored directly on ctx (though this is not currently enforced for backward compatibility). Instead, tensors should be saved either with ctx.save_for_backward() if they are intended to be used in backward (equivalently, vjp) or ctx.save_for_forward() if they are intended to be used for in jvp.

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