Tensor.requires_grad_(requires_grad=True) Tensor

Change if autograd should record operations on this tensor: sets this tensor’s requires_grad attribute in-place. Returns this tensor.

requires_grad_()’s main use case is to tell autograd to begin recording operations on a Tensor tensor. If tensor has requires_grad=False (because it was obtained through a DataLoader, or required preprocessing or initialization), tensor.requires_grad_() makes it so that autograd will begin to record operations on tensor.


requires_grad (bool) – If autograd should record operations on this tensor. Default: True.


>>> # Let's say we want to preprocess some saved weights and use
>>> # the result as new weights.
>>> saved_weights = [0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.25]
>>> loaded_weights = torch.tensor(saved_weights)
>>> weights = preprocess(loaded_weights)  # some function
>>> weights
tensor([-0.5503,  0.4926, -2.1158, -0.8303])

>>> # Now, start to record operations done to weights
>>> weights.requires_grad_()
>>> out = weights.pow(2).sum()
>>> out.backward()
>>> weights.grad
tensor([-1.1007,  0.9853, -4.2316, -1.6606])


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