This diagnostic tracks the transformation process from an FX Graph (in FX IR) to an ONNX Graph (in ONNX IR).

Key Representations:

  • FX Graph: The graph in FX IR produced by dynamo or symbolic tracing.

  • ONNX Graph: The graph in ONNX IR and operators.

Additional Notes:

  • Prior to this transformation step, the FX graph undergoes preprocessing through multiple FX passes. To gain insight into these transformations, refer to diagnostic FXE0010.

  • To enable a detailed view of the graph transformation in progress within this diagnostic, switch to the DEBUG mode.

    • Set DiagnosticOptions.verbosity_level to logging.DEBUG.

    • Activate the environment variable TORCH_LOGS=’onnx_diagnostics’.

  • For specific information related to node-level FX to ONNX transformations, explore the diagnostic FXE0008.


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