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import math
import torch
from . import Sampler
import torch.distributed as dist

[docs]class DistributedSampler(Sampler): """Sampler that restricts data loading to a subset of the dataset. It is especially useful in conjunction with :class:`torch.nn.parallel.DistributedDataParallel`. In such case, each process can pass a DistributedSampler instance as a DataLoader sampler, and load a subset of the original dataset that is exclusive to it. .. note:: Dataset is assumed to be of constant size. Arguments: dataset: Dataset used for sampling. num_replicas (optional): Number of processes participating in distributed training. rank (optional): Rank of the current process within num_replicas. shuffle (optional): If true (default), sampler will shuffle the indices .. warning:: In distributed mode, calling the ``set_epoch`` method is needed to make shuffling work; each process will use the same random seed otherwise. Example:: >>> sampler = DistributedSampler(dataset) if is_distributed else None >>> loader = DataLoader(dataset, shuffle=(sampler is None), ... sampler=sampler) >>> for epoch in range(start_epoch, n_epochs): ... if is_distributed: """ def __init__(self, dataset, num_replicas=None, rank=None, shuffle=True): if num_replicas is None: if not dist.is_available(): raise RuntimeError("Requires distributed package to be available") num_replicas = dist.get_world_size() if rank is None: if not dist.is_available(): raise RuntimeError("Requires distributed package to be available") rank = dist.get_rank() self.dataset = dataset self.num_replicas = num_replicas self.rank = rank self.epoch = 0 self.num_samples = int(math.ceil(len(self.dataset) * 1.0 / self.num_replicas)) self.total_size = self.num_samples * self.num_replicas self.shuffle = shuffle def __iter__(self): # deterministically shuffle based on epoch g = torch.Generator() g.manual_seed(self.epoch) if self.shuffle: indices = torch.randperm(len(self.dataset), generator=g).tolist() else: indices = list(range(len(self.dataset))) # add extra samples to make it evenly divisible indices += indices[:(self.total_size - len(indices))] assert len(indices) == self.total_size # subsample indices = indices[self.rank:self.total_size:self.num_replicas] assert len(indices) == self.num_samples return iter(indices) def __len__(self): return self.num_samples def set_epoch(self, epoch): self.epoch = epoch


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