Source code for torchaudio.utils.ffmpeg_utils

import torch

[docs]def get_log_level() -> int: """Get the log level of FFmpeg. See :py:func:`set_log_level` for the detailo. """ return torch.ops.torchaudio.ffmpeg_get_log_level()
[docs]def set_log_level(level: int): """Set the log level of FFmpeg (libavformat etc) Arguments: level (int): Log level. The larger, the more verbose. The following values are common values, the corresponding ``ffmpeg``'s ``-loglevel`` option value and desription. * ``-8`` (``quiet``): Print no output. * ``0`` (``panic``): Something went really wrong and we will crash now. * ``8`` (``fatal``): Something went wrong and recovery is not possible. For example, no header was found for a format which depends on headers or an illegal combination of parameters is used. * ``16`` (``error``): Something went wrong and cannot losslessly be recovered. However, not all future data is affected. * ``24`` (``warning``): Something somehow does not look correct. This may or may not lead to problems. * ``32`` (``info``): Standard information. * ``40`` (``verbose``): Detailed information. * ``48`` (``debug``): Stuff which is only useful for libav* developers. * ``56`` (``trace``): Extremely verbose debugging, useful for libav* development. """ torch.ops.torchaudio.ffmpeg_set_log_level(level)


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