Union IValue::Payload

Nested Relationships

This union is a nested type of Struct IValue.

Union Documentation

union Payload
#include <ivalue.h>

Public Functions

inline Payload()
inline ~Payload()

Public Members

union c10::IValue::Payload::TriviallyCopyablePayload u
at::Tensor as_tensor
union TriviallyCopyablePayload
#include <ivalue.h>

Public Functions

inline TriviallyCopyablePayload()

Public Members

int64_t as_int
double as_double
bool as_bool
c10::intrusive_ptr_target *as_intrusive_ptr
c10::DeviceType type
DeviceIndex index
struct c10::IValue::Payload::TriviallyCopyablePayload::[anonymous] as_device


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