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struct torch::nn::functional::GroupNormFuncOptions

Options for torch::nn::functional::group_norm.


namespace F = torch::nn::functional;
F::group_norm(input, F::GroupNormFuncOptions(2).eps(2e-5));

Public Functions

GroupNormFuncOptions(int64_t num_groups)
auto num_groups(const int64_t &new_num_groups) -> decltype(*this)

number of groups to separate the channels into

auto num_groups(int64_t &&new_num_groups) -> decltype(*this)
const int64_t &num_groups() const noexcept
int64_t &num_groups() noexcept
auto weight(const Tensor &new_weight) -> decltype(*this)
auto weight(Tensor &&new_weight) -> decltype(*this)
const Tensor &weight() const noexcept
Tensor &weight() noexcept
auto bias(const Tensor &new_bias) -> decltype(*this)
auto bias(Tensor &&new_bias) -> decltype(*this)
const Tensor &bias() const noexcept
Tensor &bias() noexcept
auto eps(const double &new_eps) -> decltype(*this)

a value added to the denominator for numerical stability. Default: 1e-5

auto eps(double &&new_eps) -> decltype(*this)
const double &eps() const noexcept
double &eps() noexcept


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