Struct AnyModulePlaceholder

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

  • public torch::nn::AnyValue::Placeholder

Derived Type

Struct Documentation

struct AnyModulePlaceholder : public torch::nn::AnyValue::Placeholder

The static type of the object we store in the AnyModule, which erases the actual type, but allows us to call forward() on the underlying module.

Subclassed by torch::nn::AnyModuleHolder< ModuleType, ArgumentTypes >

Public Functions

virtual AnyValue forward(std::vector<AnyValue> &&arguments) = 0

The “erased” forward() method.

virtual std::shared_ptr<Module> ptr() = 0

Returns std::shared_ptr<Module> pointing to the erased module.

virtual std::unique_ptr<AnyModulePlaceholder> copy() const = 0

Returns a AnyModulePlaceholder with a shallow copy of this AnyModule.

virtual std::unique_ptr<AnyModulePlaceholder> clone_module(optional<Device> device) const = 0

Returns a AnyModulePlaceholder with a deep copy of this AnyModule.


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