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#pragma once

#include <torch/csrc/autograd/variable.h>

namespace torch::autograd {

//      When inputs are provided and a given input is not a leaf,
//      the current implementation will call its grad_fn (even though it is not
//      strictly needed to get this gradients). It is an implementation detail
//      on which the user should not rely. See
// for
//      more details.
TORCH_API void backward(
    const variable_list& tensors,
    const variable_list& grad_tensors = {},
    std::optional<bool> retain_graph = std::nullopt,
    bool create_graph = false,
    const variable_list& inputs = {});

TORCH_API variable_list grad(
    const variable_list& outputs,
    const variable_list& inputs,
    const variable_list& grad_outputs = {},
    std::optional<bool> retain_graph = std::nullopt,
    bool create_graph = false,
    bool allow_unused = false);

namespace forward_ad {

TORCH_API uint64_t enter_dual_level();

TORCH_API void exit_dual_level(uint64_t level);

} // namespace forward_ad
} // namespace torch::autograd


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