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#pragma once

#include <torch/arg.h>
#include <torch/csrc/Export.h>
#include <torch/enum.h>
#include <torch/types.h>

#include <torch/nn/modules/container/any.h>
#include <torch/nn/options/transformerlayer.h>

namespace torch {
namespace nn {

struct TORCH_API TransformerOptions {
  // The following constructors are commonly used
  // Please don't add more unless it is proved as a common usage
  TransformerOptions() = default;
  TransformerOptions(int64_t d_model, int64_t nhead);
      int64_t d_model,
      int64_t nhead,
      int64_t num_encoder_layers,
      int64_t num_decoder_layers);

  TORCH_ARG(int64_t, d_model) = 512;

  TORCH_ARG(int64_t, nhead) = 8;

  TORCH_ARG(int64_t, num_encoder_layers) = 6;

  TORCH_ARG(int64_t, num_decoder_layers) = 6;

  TORCH_ARG(int64_t, dim_feedforward) = 2048;

  TORCH_ARG(double, dropout) = 0.1;

  TORCH_ARG(activation_t, activation) = torch::kReLU;

  TORCH_ARG(AnyModule, custom_encoder);

  TORCH_ARG(AnyModule, custom_decoder);

} // namespace nn
} // namespace torch


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