File library.h

Parent directory (torch)

This header provides an API for extending PyTorch’s core library of operators with user defined operators and data types.

Definition (torch/library.h)

Detailed Description

This API can be used in a few ways:

  • You can define new custom operators and classes with Define TORCH_LIBRARY, making them available for use in both eager Python as well as in TorchScript. This API is modeled off of pybind11’s PYBIND11_MODULE macro, as the provided functionality is similar (pybind11 lets you bind C++ to Python only; torch/library.h lets you bind C++ simultaneously to Python and TorchScript).

  • You can override existing operators with Define TORCH_LIBRARY_IMPL, providing a new implementation for these operators for a custom backend (e.g., XLA). When you pass operators with tensors of your custom backend, your overridden implementations will be called instead of the standard implementations.

  • You can use both capabilities at the same time, allowing you to write custom operators that register CPU/CUDA/Autograd implementations without having to write the boilerplate conditionals yourself.

For a tutorial style introduction to the library API, check out the Extending TorchScript with Custom C++ Operators tutorial.

//Definealibrarywhoseoperatorsliveinthenamespace’myops’. //Youmustdefinealloftheoperatorsforthislibraryin //thisnamespace. TORCH_LIBRARY(myops,m){ //Defineaoperatorwithexactlyoneimplementationforallbackends. m.def(“add(Tensorself,Tensorother)->Tensor”,&add_impl);

//Defineaschemaforanoperator,butprovidenoimplementation //(usethissyntaxifyouwanttousethedispatcher) m.def(“mul(Tensorself,Tensorother)->Tensor”);

//Provideanimplementationforadefinedoperator(youcan //providemultiple;oneperbackend).Thedispatchertakescareof //callingthecorrectimplementationdependingonifwegetaCPU //tensororaCUDAtensor m.impl(“mul”,torch::kCPU,&mul_cpu_impl); m.impl(“mul”,torch::kCUDA,&mul_cuda_impl); }

//Defineimplementationsforoperatorsforanon-standardbackend, //e.g.,XLA(validvaluesareentriesofDispatchKey).Thiscan //beusedtodefineoperatorsinadifferentfilethantheinitial //TORCH_LIBRARYdefinition(e.g.,ifitisinanexternallibrary) TORCH_LIBRARY_IMPL(myops,XLA,m){ m.impl(“mul”,&mul_xla_impl); }


  • ATen/core/dispatch/Dispatcher.h

  • ATen/core/enum_tag.h

  • ATen/core/op_registration/infer_schema.h

  • ATen/core/op_registration/op_allowlist.h

  • ATen/core/op_registration/op_registration.h

  • c10/core/DispatchKey.h

  • torch/csrc/jit/frontend/function_schema_parser.h

  • torch/custom_class.h (File custom_class.h)


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