Class OptimizerParamGroup

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class OptimizerParamGroup

Stores parameters in the param_group and stores a pointer to the OptimizerOptions.

Public Functions

inline OptimizerParamGroup(const OptimizerParamGroup &param_group)
inline OptimizerParamGroup(std::vector<Tensor> params)
inline OptimizerParamGroup(std::vector<Tensor> params, std::unique_ptr<OptimizerOptions> options)
bool has_options() const
OptimizerOptions &options()
const OptimizerOptions &options() const
void set_options(std::unique_ptr<OptimizerOptions> options)
std::vector<Tensor> &params()
const std::vector<Tensor> &params() const

Protected Attributes

std::vector<Tensor> params_
std::unique_ptr<OptimizerOptions> options_


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