Class CosineSimilarityImpl

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Base Type

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class torch::nn::CosineSimilarityImpl : public torch::nn::Cloneable<CosineSimilarityImpl>

Returns the cosine similarity between :math:x_1 and :math:x_2, computed along dim.

See to learn about the exact behavior of this module.

See the documentation for torch::nn::CosineSimilarityOptions class to learn what constructor arguments are supported for this module.


CosineSimilarity model(CosineSimilarityOptions().dim(0).eps(0.5));

Public Functions

CosineSimilarityImpl(const CosineSimilarityOptions &options_ = {})
void reset() override

reset() must perform initialization of all members with reference semantics, most importantly parameters, buffers and submodules.

void pretty_print(std::ostream &stream) const override

Pretty prints the CosineSimilarity module into the given stream.

Tensor forward(const Tensor &input1, const Tensor &input2)

Public Members

CosineSimilarityOptions options

The options with which this Module was constructed.


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