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Base Type

Class Documentation

template<typename BatchRequest = std::vector<size_t>>
class torch::data::samplers::DistributedSampler : public torch::data::samplers::Sampler<BatchRequest>

A Sampler that selects a subset of indices to sample from and defines a sampling behavior.

In a distributed setting, this selects a subset of the indices depending on the provided num_replicas and rank parameters. The Sampler performs a rounding operation based on the allow_duplicates parameter to decide the local sample count.

Public Functions

DistributedSampler(size_t size, size_t num_replicas = 1, size_t rank = 0, bool allow_duplicates = true)
void set_epoch(size_t epoch)

Set the epoch for the current enumeration.

This can be used to alter the sample selection and shuffling behavior.

size_t epoch() const

Protected Functions

size_t local_sample_count()

Protected Attributes

size_t size_
size_t num_replicas_
size_t rank_
size_t epoch_
bool allow_duplicates_


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