Class TensorDescriptor

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

  • public at::native::Descriptor< cudnnTensorStruct, &cudnnCreateTensorDescriptor, &cudnnDestroyTensorDescriptor > (Template Class Descriptor)

Class Documentation

class TensorDescriptor : public at::native::Descriptor<cudnnTensorStruct, &cudnnCreateTensorDescriptor, &cudnnDestroyTensorDescriptor>

Public Functions

TensorDescriptor() = default
inline explicit TensorDescriptor(const at::Tensor &t, size_t pad = 0)
void set(const at::Tensor &t, size_t pad = 0)
void set(const at::Tensor &t, at::MemoryFormat memory_format, size_t pad = 0)
void set(cudnnDataType_t dataType, IntArrayRef sizes, IntArrayRef strides, size_t pad = 0)
void print()


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