Source code for torch.distributed.checkpoint.stateful

from typing import Any, Dict, runtime_checkable, TypeVar
from typing_extensions import Protocol

__all__ = ["Stateful", "StatefulT"]

[docs]@runtime_checkable class Stateful(Protocol): """ Stateful protocol for objects that can be checkpointed and restored. """
[docs] def state_dict(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: """ Objects should return their state_dict representation as a dictionary. The output of this function will be checkpointed, and later restored in `load_state_dict()`. .. warning:: Because of the inplace nature of restoring a checkpoint, this function is also called during `torch.distributed.checkpoint.load`. Returns: Dict: The objects state dict """ ...
[docs] def load_state_dict(self, state_dict: Dict[str, Any]) -> None: """ Restore the object's state from the provided state_dict. Args: state_dict: The state dict to restore from """ ...
StatefulT = TypeVar("StatefulT", bound=Stateful)


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