Source code for torch.distributed

# mypy: allow-untyped-defs
import os
import sys
from enum import Enum
import pdb
import io

import torch

[docs]def is_available() -> bool: """ Return ``True`` if the distributed package is available. Otherwise, ``torch.distributed`` does not expose any other APIs. Currently, ``torch.distributed`` is available on Linux, MacOS and Windows. Set ``USE_DISTRIBUTED=1`` to enable it when building PyTorch from source. Currently, the default value is ``USE_DISTRIBUTED=1`` for Linux and Windows, ``USE_DISTRIBUTED=0`` for MacOS. """ return hasattr(torch._C, "_c10d_init")
if is_available() and not torch._C._c10d_init(): raise RuntimeError("Failed to initialize torch.distributed") # Custom Runtime Errors thrown from the distributed package DistError = torch._C._DistError DistBackendError = torch._C._DistBackendError DistNetworkError = torch._C._DistNetworkError DistStoreError = torch._C._DistStoreError if is_available(): from torch._C._distributed_c10d import ( Store, FileStore, TCPStore, ProcessGroup as ProcessGroup, Backend as _Backend, PrefixStore, Reducer, Logger, BuiltinCommHookType, GradBucket, Work as _Work, _DEFAULT_FIRST_BUCKET_BYTES, _register_comm_hook, _register_builtin_comm_hook, _broadcast_coalesced, _compute_bucket_assignment_by_size, _verify_params_across_processes, _test_python_store, DebugLevel, get_debug_level, set_debug_level, set_debug_level_from_env, _make_nccl_premul_sum, _ControlCollectives, _StoreCollectives, ) class _DistributedPdb(pdb.Pdb): """ Supports using PDB from inside a multiprocessing child process. Usage: _DistributedPdb().set_trace() """ def interaction(self, *args, **kwargs): _stdin = sys.stdin try: sys.stdin = open('/dev/stdin') pdb.Pdb.interaction(self, *args, **kwargs) finally: sys.stdin = _stdin
[docs] def breakpoint(rank: int = 0): """ Set a breakpoint, but only on a single rank. All other ranks will wait for you to be done with the breakpoint before continuing. Args: rank (int): Which rank to break on. Default: ``0`` """ if get_rank() == rank: pdb = _DistributedPdb() pdb.message( "\n!!! ATTENTION !!!\n\n" f"Type 'up' to get to the frame that called dist.breakpoint(rank={rank})\n" ) pdb.set_trace() # If Meta/Python keys are in the TLS, we want to make sure that we ignore them # and hit the (default) CPU/CUDA implementation of barrier. meta_in_tls = torch._C._meta_in_tls_dispatch_include() guard = torch._C._DisableTorchDispatch() # type: ignore[attr-defined] torch._C._set_meta_in_tls_dispatch_include(False) try: barrier() finally: torch._C._set_meta_in_tls_dispatch_include(meta_in_tls) del guard
if sys.platform != "win32": from torch._C._distributed_c10d import ( HashStore, _round_robin_process_groups, ) from .distributed_c10d import * # noqa: F403 # Variables prefixed with underscore are not auto imported # See the comment in `` above `_backend` on why we expose # this. from .distributed_c10d import ( _all_gather_base, _reduce_scatter_base, _create_process_group_wrapper, _rank_not_in_group, _coalescing_manager, _CoalescingManager, _get_process_group_name, get_node_local_rank, ) from .rendezvous import ( rendezvous, _create_store_from_options, register_rendezvous_handler, ) from .remote_device import _remote_device from .device_mesh import init_device_mesh, DeviceMesh set_debug_level_from_env() else: # This stub is sufficient to get # python test/ -k test_correct_module_names # working even when USE_DISTRIBUTED=0. Feel free to add more # stubs as necessary. # We cannot define stubs directly because they confuse pyre class _ProcessGroupStub: pass sys.modules["torch.distributed"].ProcessGroup = _ProcessGroupStub # type: ignore[attr-defined]


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