class torchvision.transforms.v2.LinearTransformation(transformation_matrix: Tensor, mean_vector: Tensor)[source]

Transform a tensor image or video with a square transformation matrix and a mean_vector computed offline.

This transform does not support PIL Image. Given transformation_matrix and mean_vector, will flatten the torch.*Tensor and subtract mean_vector from it which is then followed by computing the dot product with the transformation matrix and then reshaping the tensor to its original shape.


whitening transformation: Suppose X is a column vector zero-centered data. Then compute the data covariance matrix [D x D] with, X), perform SVD on this matrix and pass it as transformation_matrix.

  • transformation_matrix (Tensor) – tensor [D x D], D = C x H x W

  • mean_vector (Tensor) – tensor [D], D = C x H x W


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