torchvision.transforms.functional.adjust_gamma(img: Tensor, gamma: float, gain: float = 1) Tensor[source]

Perform gamma correction on an image.

Also known as Power Law Transform. Intensities in RGB mode are adjusted based on the following equation:

\[I_{\text{out}} = 255 \times \text{gain} \times \left(\frac{I_{\text{in}}}{255}\right)^{\gamma}\]

See Gamma Correction for more details.

  • img (PIL Image or Tensor) – PIL Image to be adjusted. If img is torch Tensor, it is expected to be in […, 1 or 3, H, W] format, where … means it can have an arbitrary number of leading dimensions. If img is PIL Image, modes with transparency (alpha channel) are not supported.

  • gamma (float) – Non negative real number, same as \(\gamma\) in the equation. gamma larger than 1 make the shadows darker, while gamma smaller than 1 make dark regions lighter.

  • gain (float) – The constant multiplier.


Gamma correction adjusted image.

Return type:

PIL Image or Tensor


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