Source code for torchvision.transforms.v2.functional._type_conversion

from typing import Union

import numpy as np
import PIL.Image
import torch
from torchvision import tv_tensors
from torchvision.transforms import functional as _F

[docs]@torch.jit.unused def to_image(inpt: Union[torch.Tensor, PIL.Image.Image, np.ndarray]) -> tv_tensors.Image: """See :class:`~torchvision.transforms.v2.ToImage` for details.""" if isinstance(inpt, np.ndarray): output = torch.from_numpy(inpt).permute((2, 0, 1)).contiguous() elif isinstance(inpt, PIL.Image.Image): output = pil_to_tensor(inpt) elif isinstance(inpt, torch.Tensor): output = inpt else: raise TypeError( f"Input can either be a pure Tensor, a numpy array, or a PIL image, but got {type(inpt)} instead." ) return tv_tensors.Image(output)
to_pil_image = _F.to_pil_image pil_to_tensor = _F.pil_to_tensor


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