class torchvision.datasets.PCAM(root: str, split: str = 'train', transform: Optional[Callable] = None, target_transform: Optional[Callable] = None, download: bool = False)[source]

PCAM Dataset.

The PatchCamelyon dataset is a binary classification dataset with 327,680 color images (96px x 96px), extracted from histopathologic scans of lymph node sections. Each image is annotated with a binary label indicating presence of metastatic tissue.

This dataset requires the h5py package which you can install with pip install h5py.

  • root (string) – Root directory of the dataset.

  • split (string, optional) – The dataset split, supports "train" (default), "test" or "val".

  • transform (callable, optional) – A function/transform that takes in a PIL image and returns a transformed version. E.g, transforms.RandomCrop.

  • target_transform (callable, optional) – A function/transform that takes in the target and transforms it.

  • download (bool, optional) – If True, downloads the dataset from the internet and puts it into root/pcam. If dataset is already downloaded, it is not downloaded again.


__getitem__(idx: int) Tuple[Any, Any][source]

index (int) – Index


Sample and meta data, optionally transformed by the respective transforms.

Return type:



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