Source code for torchx.schedulers

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright (c) Meta Platforms, Inc. and affiliates.
# All rights reserved.
# This source code is licensed under the BSD-style license found in the
# LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.

from typing import Dict, Optional

import torchx.schedulers.aws_batch_scheduler as aws_batch_scheduler
import torchx.schedulers.docker_scheduler as docker_scheduler
import torchx.schedulers.kubernetes_scheduler as kubernetes_scheduler
import torchx.schedulers.local_scheduler as local_scheduler
import torchx.schedulers.slurm_scheduler as slurm_scheduler
from torchx.schedulers.api import Scheduler
from torchx.util.entrypoints import load_group
from typing_extensions import Protocol

[docs]class SchedulerFactory(Protocol): def __call__(self, session_name: str, **kwargs: object) -> Scheduler: ...
def _try_get_ray_scheduler() -> Optional[SchedulerFactory]: try: from torchx.schedulers.ray_scheduler import _has_ray # @manual if _has_ray: import torchx.schedulers.ray_scheduler as ray_scheduler # @manual return ray_scheduler.create_scheduler except ImportError: # pragma: no cover return None
[docs]def get_scheduler_factories() -> Dict[str, SchedulerFactory]: """ get_scheduler_factories returns all the available schedulers names and the method to instantiate them. The first scheduler in the dictionary is used as the default scheduler. """ default_schedulers: Dict[str, SchedulerFactory] = { "local_docker": docker_scheduler.create_scheduler, "local_cwd": local_scheduler.create_cwd_scheduler, "slurm": slurm_scheduler.create_scheduler, "kubernetes": kubernetes_scheduler.create_scheduler, "aws_batch": aws_batch_scheduler.create_scheduler, } ray_scheduler_creator = _try_get_ray_scheduler() if ray_scheduler_creator: default_schedulers["ray"] = ray_scheduler_creator return load_group( "torchx.schedulers", default=default_schedulers, ignore_missing=True, )
[docs]def get_default_scheduler_name() -> str: """ default_scheduler_name returns the first scheduler defined in get_scheduler_factories. """ return next(iter(get_scheduler_factories().keys()))
[docs]def get_schedulers( session_name: str, **scheduler_params: object ) -> Dict[str, Scheduler]: """ get_schedulers returns all available schedulers. """ schedulers = get_scheduler_factories() return { scheduler_backend: scheduler_factory_method(session_name, **scheduler_params) for scheduler_backend, scheduler_factory_method in schedulers.items() }


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