class torchdata.datapipes.iter.FileOpener(datapipe: Iterable[str], mode: str = 'r', encoding: Optional[str] = None, length: int = - 1)

Given pathnames, opens files and yield pathname and file stream in a tuple (functional name: open_files).

  • datapipe – Iterable datapipe that provides pathnames

  • mode – An optional string that specifies the mode in which the file is opened by open(). It defaults to r, other options are b for reading in binary mode and t for text mode.

  • encoding – An optional string that specifies the encoding of the underlying file. It defaults to None to match the default encoding of open.

  • length – Nominal length of the datapipe


The opened file handles will be closed by Python’s GC periodically. Users can choose to close them explicitly.


>>> # xdoctest: +SKIP
>>> from torchdata.datapipes.iter import FileLister, FileOpener, StreamReader
>>> dp = FileLister(root=".").filter(lambda fname: fname.endswith('.txt'))
>>> dp = FileOpener(dp)
>>> dp = StreamReader(dp)
>>> list(dp)
[('./abc.txt', 'abc')]


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