class torchdata.dataloader2.DistributedReadingService(timeout: int = 1800)

DistributedReadingSerivce handles distributed sharding on the graph of DataPipe and guarantee the randomness by sharing the same seed across the distributed processes.


timeout – Timeout for operations executed against the process group in seconds. Default value equals 30 minutes.

finalize() None

Clean up the distributed process group.

initialize(datapipe: Union[IterDataPipe, MapDataPipe]) Union[IterDataPipe, MapDataPipe]

Launches the gloo-backend distributed process group. Carries out distributed sharding on the graph of DataPipe and returnes the graph attached with a FullSyncIterDataPipe at the end.

initialize_iteration() None

Shares the same seed from rank 0 to other ranks across the distributed processes and apply the random seed to the DataPipe graph.


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