October 10, 2019

PyTorch 1.3 adds mobile, privacy, quantization, and named tensors

PyTorch continues to gain momentum because of its focus on meeting the needs of researchers, its streamlined workflow for production use, and most of all because of the enthusiastic support it has received from the AI community. PyTorch citations in papers on ArXiv grew 194 percent in the first half of 2019 alone, as noted by O...

August 08, 2019

New Releases: PyTorch 1.2, torchtext 0.4, torchaudio 0.3, and torchvision 0.4

Since the release of PyTorch 1.0, we’ve seen the community expand to add new tools, contribute to a growing set of models available in the PyTorch Hub, and continually increase usage in both research and production.

July 23, 2019

Mapillary Research: Seamless Scene Segmentation and In-Place Activated BatchNorm

With roads in developed countries like the US changing up to 15% annually, Mapillary addresses a growing demand for keeping maps updated by combining images from any camera into a 3D visualization of the world. Mapillary’s independent and collaborative approach enables anyone to collect, share, and use street-level images for improving maps, developing cities, and advancing the automotive industry.