October 27, 2020

PyTorch 1.7 released w/ CUDA 11, New APIs for FFTs, Windows support for Distributed training and more

Today, we’re announcing the availability of PyTorch 1.7, along with updated domain libraries. The PyTorch 1.7 release includes a number of new APIs including support for NumPy-Compatible FFT operations, profiling tools and major updates to both distributed data parallel (DDP) and remote procedure call (RPC) based distributed training. In addition, several features moved to stable including custom C++ Classes, the m...

October 01, 2020

Announcing the Winners of the 2020 Global PyTorch Summer Hackathon

More than 2,500 participants in this year’s Global PyTorch Summer Hackathon pushed the envelope to create unique new tools and applications for PyTorch developers and researchers.

August 24, 2020

PyTorch framework for cryptographically secure random number generation, torchcsprng, now available

One of the key components of modern cryptography is the pseudorandom number generator. Katz and Lindell stated, “The use of badly designed or inappropriate random number generators can often leave a good cryptosystem vulnerable to attack. Particular care must be taken to use a random number generator that is designed for cryptographic use, rather than a ‘general-purpose’ random number generator which may be fine for some applications but not ones that are required to be cryptographically secu...