Training references

On top of the many models, datasets, and image transforms, Torchvision also provides training reference scripts. These are the scripts that we use to train the models which are then available with pre-trained weights.

These scripts are not part of the core package and are instead available on GitHub. We currently provide references for classification, detection, segmentation, similarity learning, and video classification.

While these scripts are largely stable, they do not offer backward compatibility guarantees.

In general, these scripts rely on the latest (not yet released) pytorch version or the latest torchvision version. This means that to use them, you might need to install the latest pytorch and torchvision versions, with e.g.:

conda install pytorch torchvision -c pytorch-nightly

If you need to rely on an older stable version of pytorch or torchvision, e.g. torchvision 0.10, then it’s safer to use the scripts from that corresponding release on GitHub, namely


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