torch.sparse.softmax(input, dim, *, dtype=None) Tensor

Applies a softmax function.

Softmax is defined as:

Softmax(xi)=exp(xi)jexp(xj)\text{Softmax}(x_{i}) = \frac{exp(x_i)}{\sum_j exp(x_j)}

where i,ji, j run over sparse tensor indices and unspecified entries are ignores. This is equivalent to defining unspecified entries as negative infinity so that exp(xk)=0exp(x_k) = 0 when the entry with index kk has not specified.

It is applied to all slices along dim, and will re-scale them so that the elements lie in the range [0, 1] and sum to 1.

  • input (Tensor) – input

  • dim (int) – A dimension along which softmax will be computed.

  • dtype (torch.dtype, optional) – the desired data type of returned tensor. If specified, the input tensor is casted to dtype before the operation is performed. This is useful for preventing data type overflows. Default: None


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