torch.nn.functional.gaussian_nll_loss(input, target, var, full=False, eps=1e-06, reduction='mean')[source]

Gaussian negative log likelihood loss.

See GaussianNLLLoss for details.

  • input (Tensor) – expectation of the Gaussian distribution.

  • target (Tensor) – sample from the Gaussian distribution.

  • var (Tensor) – tensor of positive variance(s), one for each of the expectations in the input (heteroscedastic), or a single one (homoscedastic).

  • full (bool, optional) – include the constant term in the loss calculation. Default: False.

  • eps (float, optional) – value added to var, for stability. Default: 1e-6.

  • reduction (str, optional) – specifies the reduction to apply to the output: 'none' | 'mean' | 'sum'. 'none': no reduction will be applied, 'mean': the output is the average of all batch member losses, 'sum': the output is the sum of all batch member losses. Default: 'mean'.

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