class torch.fx.experimental.symbolic_shapes.DimDynamic(value)[source]

Controls how to perform symbol allocation for a dimension. It is always sound to default this to DYNAMIC, but the policies DUCK and STATIC can result in better trace-time and compile-time performance, as they reduce the number of allocated symbols and generally make your graph more static.

NB: If we notice you’ve applied a constraint to the dimension, we will force it to DYNAMIC for simplicity.

DimDynamic is controlled by a variety of higher level UX features. Currently:

  • In eager mode, the default policy is DUCK.
    • The default is changed to STATIC with assume_static_by_default.

    • An individual dim is marked DYNAMIC if you mark_dynamic_dim.

  • In export mode, the default policy is STATIC.
    • An individual dim is marked DYNAMIC if you mention it as dynamic_dim in the constraints kwarg.


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