torch.cuda.comm.gather(tensors, dim=0, destination=None, *, out=None)[source]

Gathers tensors from multiple GPU devices.

  • tensors (Iterable[Tensor]) – an iterable of tensors to gather. Tensor sizes in all dimensions other than dim have to match.

  • dim (int, optional) – a dimension along which the tensors will be concatenated. Default: 0.

  • destination (torch.device, str, or int, optional) – the output device. Can be CPU or CUDA. Default: the current CUDA device.

  • out (Tensor, optional, keyword-only) – the tensor to store gather result. Its sizes must match those of tensors, except for dim, where the size must equal sum(tensor.size(dim) for tensor in tensors). Can be on CPU or CUDA.


destination must not be specified when out is specified.


  • If destination is specified,

    a tensor located on destination device, that is a result of concatenating tensors along dim.

  • If out is specified,

    the out tensor, now containing results of concatenating tensors along dim.


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