Source code for torch.cuda.amp.grad_scaler

from typing_extensions import deprecated

import torch

# We need to keep this unused import for BC reasons
from torch.amp.grad_scaler import OptState  # noqa: F401

__all__ = ["GradScaler"]

[docs]class GradScaler(torch.amp.GradScaler): r""" See :class:`torch.amp.GradScaler`. ``torch.cuda.amp.GradScaler(args...)`` is deprecated. Please use ``torch.amp.GradScaler("cuda", args...)`` instead. """ @deprecated( "`torch.cuda.amp.GradScaler(args...)` is deprecated. " "Please use `torch.amp.GradScaler('cuda', args...)` instead.", category=FutureWarning, ) def __init__( self, init_scale: float = 2.0**16, growth_factor: float = 2.0, backoff_factor: float = 0.5, growth_interval: int = 2000, enabled: bool = True, ) -> None: super().__init__( "cuda", init_scale=init_scale, growth_factor=growth_factor, backoff_factor=backoff_factor, growth_interval=growth_interval, enabled=enabled, )


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