Source code for torch.cpu.amp.autocast_mode

from typing import Any

import torch

__all__ = ["autocast"]

[docs]class autocast(torch.amp.autocast_mode.autocast): r""" See :class:`torch.autocast`. ``torch.cpu.amp.autocast(args...)`` is equivalent to ``torch.autocast("cpu", args...)`` """ def __init__( self, enabled: bool = True, dtype: torch.dtype = torch.bfloat16, cache_enabled: bool = True, ): if torch._jit_internal.is_scripting(): self._enabled = enabled self.device = "cpu" self.fast_dtype = dtype return super().__init__( "cpu", enabled=enabled, dtype=dtype, cache_enabled=cache_enabled ) def __enter__(self): if torch._jit_internal.is_scripting(): return self return super().__enter__() # TODO: discuss a unified TorchScript-friendly API for autocast def __exit__(self, exc_type: Any, exc_val: Any, exc_tb: Any): # type: ignore[override] if torch._jit_internal.is_scripting(): return return super().__exit__(exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb) def __call__(self, func): if torch._jit_internal.is_scripting(): return func return super().__call__(func)


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