Source code for torch.backends.nnpack

from contextlib import contextmanager

import torch
from torch.backends import __allow_nonbracketed_mutation, ContextProp, PropModule

__all__ = ["is_available", "flags", "set_flags"]

[docs]def is_available(): r"""Return whether PyTorch is built with NNPACK support.""" return torch._nnpack_available()
[docs]def set_flags(_enabled): r"""Set if nnpack is enabled globally""" orig_flags = (torch._C._get_nnpack_enabled(),) torch._C._set_nnpack_enabled(_enabled) return orig_flags
[docs]@contextmanager def flags(enabled=False): r"""Context manager for setting if nnpack is enabled globally""" with __allow_nonbracketed_mutation(): orig_flags = set_flags(enabled) try: yield finally: with __allow_nonbracketed_mutation(): set_flags(orig_flags[0])


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