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PyTorch Governance | Build + CI

How to Add a New Maintainer

For the person to be a maintainer, a person needs to:

  • Land at least six commits to the related part of the PyTorch repository

  • At least one of these commits must be submitted in the last six months

To add a qualified person to the maintainers’ list, please create a PR that adds a person to the persons of interests page and merge_rules files. Current maintainers will cast their votes of support. Decision criteria for approving the PR:

  • Not earlier than two business days passed before merging (ensure the majority of the contributors have seen it)

  • PR has the correct label (module: ci)

  • There are no objections from the current maintainers

  • There are at least three net thumbs up from current maintainers (or all maintainers vote thumbs up when the module has less than 3 maintainers).


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