Before You Start

Start from a working python environment with Python>=3.8 and PyTorch>=1.6 installed, as well as pyyaml>=5.3 for reading YOLOv5 configuration files. To install PyTorch see To install dependencies:

$ pip install -U opencv-python pillow pyyaml tqdm  # install dependencies

Model Description

YOLOv5 Models  

YOLOv5 is a family of compound-scaled object detection models trained on COCO 2017, and includes built-in functionality for Test Time Augmentation (TTA), Model Ensembling, Rectangular Inference, Hyperparameter Evolution.

Model APval APtest AP50 SpeedGPU FPSGPU   params FLOPS
YOLOv5s 37.0 37.0 56.2 2.4ms 416   7.5M 13.2B
YOLOv5m 44.3 44.3 63.2 3.4ms 294   21.8M 39.4B
YOLOv5l 47.7 47.7 66.5 4.4ms 227   47.8M 88.1B
YOLOv5x 49.2 49.2 67.7 6.9ms 145   89.0M 166.4B
YOLOv5x + TTA 50.8 50.8 68.9 25.5ms 39   89.0M 354.3B

** GPU Speed measures end-to-end time per image averaged over 5000 COCO val2017 images using a V100 GPU with batch size 32, and includes image preprocessing, PyTorch FP16 inference, postprocessing and NMS. EfficientDet data from google/automl at batch size 8.

Load YOLOv5 From PyTorch Hub

To load YOLOv5 from PyTorch Hub for inference with PIL, OpenCV, Numpy or PyTorch inputs:

import cv2
import torch
from PIL import Image

# Model
model = torch.hub.load('ultralytics/yolov5', 'yolov5s', pretrained=True).fuse().autoshape()  # for PIL/cv2/np inputs and NMS

# Images
for f in ['zidane.jpg', 'bus.jpg']:  # download 2 images
    print(f'Downloading {f}...')
    torch.hub.download_url_to_file('' + f, f)
img1 ='zidane.jpg')  # PIL image
img2 = cv2.imread('bus.jpg')[:, :, ::-1]  # OpenCV image (BGR to RGB)
imgs = [img1, img2]  # batched list of images

# Inference
results = model(imgs, size=640)  # includes NMS

# Results  # .show() results, .save() jpgs, or .print() to screen

# Data
print(results.xyxy[0])  # print img1 predictions
#          x1 (pixels)  y1 (pixels)  x2 (pixels)  y2 (pixels)   confidence        class
# tensor([[7.47613e+02, 4.01168e+01, 1.14978e+03, 7.12016e+02, 8.71210e-01, 0.00000e+00],
#         [1.17464e+02, 1.96875e+02, 1.00145e+03, 7.11802e+02, 8.08795e-01, 0.00000e+00],
#         [4.23969e+02, 4.30401e+02, 5.16833e+02, 7.20000e+02, 7.77376e-01, 2.70000e+01],
#         [9.81310e+02, 3.10712e+02, 1.03111e+03, 4.19273e+02, 2.86850e-01, 2.70000e+01]])




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