Source code for torch.package.file_structure_representation

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from typing import Dict, List

from .glob_group import GlobGroup, GlobPattern

__all__ = ["Directory"]

[docs]class Directory: """A file structure representation. Organized as Directory nodes that have lists of their Directory children. Directories for a package are created by calling :meth:`PackageImporter.file_structure`.""" def __init__(self, name: str, is_dir: bool): = name self.is_dir = is_dir self.children: Dict[str, Directory] = {} def _get_dir(self, dirs: List[str]) -> "Directory": """Builds path of Directories if not yet built and returns last directory in list. Args: dirs (List[str]): List of directory names that are treated like a path. Returns: :class:`Directory`: The last Directory specified in the dirs list. """ if len(dirs) == 0: return self dir_name = dirs[0] if dir_name not in self.children: self.children[dir_name] = Directory(dir_name, True) return self.children[dir_name]._get_dir(dirs[1:]) def _add_file(self, file_path: str): """Adds a file to a Directory. Args: file_path (str): Path of file to add. Last element is added as a file while other paths items are added as directories. """ *dirs, file = file_path.split("/") dir = self._get_dir(dirs) dir.children[file] = Directory(file, False)
[docs] def has_file(self, filename: str) -> bool: """Checks if a file is present in a :class:`Directory`. Args: filename (str): Path of file to search for. Returns: bool: If a :class:`Directory` contains the specified file. """ lineage = filename.split("/", maxsplit=1) child = lineage[0] grandchildren = lineage[1] if len(lineage) > 1 else None if child in self.children.keys(): if grandchildren is None: return True else: return self.children[child].has_file(grandchildren) return False
def __str__(self): str_list: List[str] = [] self._stringify_tree(str_list) return "".join(str_list) def _stringify_tree( self, str_list: List[str], preamble: str = "", dir_ptr: str = "─── " ): """Recursive method to generate print-friendly version of a Directory.""" space = " " branch = "│ " tee = "├── " last = "└── " # add this directory's representation str_list.append(f"{preamble}{dir_ptr}{}\n") # add directory's children representations if dir_ptr == tee: preamble = preamble + branch else: preamble = preamble + space file_keys: List[str] = [] dir_keys: List[str] = [] for key, val in self.children.items(): if val.is_dir: dir_keys.append(key) else: file_keys.append(key) for index, key in enumerate(sorted(dir_keys)): if (index == len(dir_keys) - 1) and len(file_keys) == 0: self.children[key]._stringify_tree(str_list, preamble, last) else: self.children[key]._stringify_tree(str_list, preamble, tee) for index, file in enumerate(sorted(file_keys)): pointer = last if (index == len(file_keys) - 1) else tee str_list.append(f"{preamble}{pointer}{file}\n")
def _create_directory_from_file_list( filename: str, file_list: List[str], include: "GlobPattern" = "**", exclude: "GlobPattern" = (), ) -> Directory: """Return a :class:`Directory` file structure representation created from a list of files. Args: filename (str): The name given to the top-level directory that will be the relative root for all file paths found in the file_list. file_list (List[str]): List of files to add to the top-level directory. include (Union[List[str], str]): An optional pattern that limits what is included from the file_list to files whose name matches the pattern. exclude (Union[List[str], str]): An optional pattern that excludes files whose name match the pattern. Returns: :class:`Directory`: a :class:`Directory` file structure representation created from a list of files. """ glob_pattern = GlobGroup(include, exclude=exclude, separator="/") top_dir = Directory(filename, True) for file in file_list: if glob_pattern.matches(file): top_dir._add_file(file) return top_dir


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